Terms of Service

General Terms

  • Only registered users can post and buy jobs. Registration is free, but to use the website USERS MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OLD.
  • Any illegal content is strictly forbidden. If there is any questionable content on the site whatsoever (content that violates the law or violates terms set forth by our payment processor or merchant account) please email us immediately at [email protected] to have it removed
  • By using the site you certify that you are 18 years of age or older
  • Unless specified sellers and providers retain the rights to the content sold and grant buyers a license to use
  • Solicitation and inappropriate user contact will get your account banned
  • Your account will be permanently deleted if you don't use it within a year and all credits forfeited
  • We are not a file sharing site and do not guarantee your files will be accessible from our site after purchase. If you purchase files, make sure you download them and store them in a secure location at your choosing as soon as possible.
  • Fraud is taken seriously, we will work with federal authorities and banks to facilitate prosecution to the fullest extent of the law
  • There are no partial refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • There are no credit refunds for products you are not satisfied with. Please make sure what you are purchasing is what you want
  • If any of the information is unclear to you, EXIT the site now


  • Sellers must be verified by submitting an ID with age verification before submitting products to be featured on this site
  • TMP reserves the right to only verify and approve sellers they feel are right for the community
  • Sellers may request payouts via Paxum by emailing us at [email protected]
  • You account and related i.p. addresses can be suspended and funds withheld indefinitely if fraud or illegal activities are suspected. Any data collected in the usage of this website can also be used for any fraud investigation
  • All custom job and instant download products are reviewed for approval before being published on the site
  • We reserve the right to suspend or delete jobs or products that don't meet our guidelines or include anything listed in our prohibited content section
  • By creating jobs and products you certify that you are in the content and any other individual featured is over the age of 18 years
  • To protect sellers' identities TMP recommends not sharing personal contact information with Buyers. Be aware that if Job related disputes arise TMP won't be able to help if there isn't a record of it on the site
  • Do NOT post jobs that are: copyrighted material, illegal content (ie bestiality, under-aged content), etc... Again failure to do so will result in account being banned
  • Please understand that due to the nature and content of TMP that TMP will monitor communications and transaction on the site. TMP has final say on what does and doesn't belong on the site
  • Be sure to scan files for malware and viruses during the course of using the site. TMP is not responsible for any damages that occur to your system from files and content transferred through our system.
  • To report a violation of terms please email [email protected] and include details of the violation


  • Jobs may only be purchased using Credits (Approximately 1 Credit = $1).
  • Your identity is kept anonymous at all times. Do not request or provide personal communication information related to sales of products outside of TMP of any sort or you will be banned, forfeiting and credits you have in the system
  • Offering to pay using any other method other than TMP's system will cause you to be banned, forfeiting and credits you have in the system.
  • Most files are in the standard video formats. Sometimes if the total video size is too large to put into 1 file, it may be broken up into multiple parts. In those cases you may need tools like HJSplit to unsplit them. You can download that here.

Respecting Copyright and Licensing Agreements

  • You can promote seller's jobs and their user profile on your own websites, blogs, and sites that you control. Using content other than for promoting the seller and their content is prohibited (unless you have permission from the seller).
  • At all times you should respect the seller's copyright and if requested by the seller you should remove content from a blog or site that you control
  • At any time if TMP receives complaints, reports, or suspects any behavior which violates the sellers intellectual property rights or license agreements we reserve the right to warn, suspend, or terminate the offending user. Refunds will not be issued for partial credits remaining in your balance.

Prohibited Content

  • We encourage sellers to be creative in what and how they sell, however the following types of jobs or content for sale will not be permitted. Any violation risks having your account banned:
  • Content that involves any sexual acts, simulated or real, related to underage (under 18 years of age) persons
  • Content that involves extreme violence, bestiality, incest, snuff, scat or the elimination of any bodily waste on another person, mutilation, or rape
  • Content that involves animal abuse
  • While some fetishes such as as tampons may not be technically prohibited, we will not feature those on the front page
  • Content can be removed anytime by the admins for quality purposes

Prohibited Words

  • In accordance with our banking and payment processing partners there are certain words that can not be publicly visible on TMP. Jobs or products using these words will not be approved:
  • Force, Rape, Sleep, Hypnotize, Hypno, Brutal, Torture, Violent, Abuse, Humiliation
  • TMP reserves the right to edit or delete descriptions, titles, and requests that don't follow our acceptable word list

Ownership rights for purchased products

  • Ownership and limitations: Unless clearly stated in the product description text, when the work is delivered the job provider retains all copyright and intellectual property rights.
  • Unless stated in the product description, purchasing a product is for personal use only and can not be used in any commercial way

Account Termination Information

  • If you no longer wish to be a member on TMP, email us and we will remove and confirm removal of your account

Refund Policy

  • Partial refunds can never be made, all refunds must be associated with a purchase ID on the payment gateway side.
  • Credits can only be refunded for credits that were purchased and unused. For example, if you purchased 50 credits and didn't use any of them (including bonus credits) you can request a refund. However, if you purchased 50 credits used 10 credits we cannot refund you 40 credits worth.
  • Since we can't give partial refunds, please make sure you want to actually spend the credits before purchasing.
  • Another example: You purchased 50 credits and received 52 because of the bonus credits. You spend 2 and then ask for a refund. You will be denied and not be refunded.
  • In the case where you are unsatisfied with and the seller/creator of the product agrees to refund you, we will assist in this process
  • There is no guarantee regarding quality of products. The preview videos are there for you to see if the product is what you want.
  • Requesting refunds numerous times will result in a ban. Please make sure you want to spend the credits before purchasing them.